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Sermon #35 – Looking towards Heaven From the Pilgrim Path

A sermon from St Nicholas's and St Remigius' for the 4th August 2019. The Passages are Colossians 3:1-11, Luke 12:13-21.
  1. Sermon #35 – Looking towards Heaven
  2. Sermon #29 – Anticipating the Ascension
  3. Sermon #28 – Of Lions and Angels
  4. Sermon #27 – God is Always Greater
  5. Sermon #26 – Peter Heals Tabitha
  6. Sermon #25 – Living the Resurrection Reality
  7. Sermon #24 – A Man with Two Sons
  8. Sermon #23 – Faithfully Playing with Scripture
  9. Sermon #22 – Jesus Calms the Storm
  10. Sermon #21 – Ministry is the Fruit of the Spirit