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Sermon #94 – Pentecost 2022 From the Pilgrim Path

A sermon delivered for Pentecost 2022 at St Mary's Diss.The readings were: Acts 2:1-21, John 14: 8-27.
  1. Sermon #94 – Pentecost 2022
  2. Sermon #93 – Is 'Theology' a dirty word?
  3. Sermon #92 – Who is this?
  4. Sermon #91 – "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me to proclaim Good News"
  5. Sermon #90 – Waiting in the World: The Pale Horse
  6. Sermon #89 – Waiting in the World: The Black Horse
  7. Sermon #88 – Waiting in the World: The Red Horse
  8. Sermon #87 – Waiting in the World: The White Horse
  9. Sermon # 86 – Christ the King 2021
  10. Sermon #85 – Remembrance 2021

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